Summer salad | Blackberry, peach, and pepperjack salad recipe 

Salads can get pretty boring, pretty fast. I love to throw different combos together to keep my taste buds happy😄 So one night while staring into my fridge I started pulling whatever I had out and putting in a bowl to come up with this super refreshing summer salad!

The greener leaves are the most vitamin rich, and have the best benefits, I’m not a huge kale fan so I tend to add spinach to most salads,  this time I also used romaine to give it since nice refreshing crunch, also adds bulk.

I added 2 fruits to this summer salad,  juicey peaches, and blackberries (this combo was so amazing)! For the cheese I only had string cheese, pepper jack string cheese! So I said what heck – chopped it up threw it in and surprisingly this added an delicious kick to it! – I’m a huge fan of spicey 🔥

Topped it off with some light ranch dressing. Yummmm.This was so good I made it two days in a row and I almost never eat salad two days in a row😉… That right there tells you how much I loved this salad!

Summer Salad | healthy salad

Summer Salad | Blackberry and peach salad recipe