How to: Combo Birthday Party – Teen + Baby


Teen / Baby party, Emoji party + Baby dino party

What to do for a teen and baby combo birthday party???? That’s what I was faced with when planning my son’s 1st birthday and little cousin’s 14th birthday party. I first came up with the themes for each. Since the day my son was born everything has been baby dinos so his theme was easy. Now for a fourteen  year old, little more tricky… But everyone is into emojis – right?! So I figured this would be fun.

This party was one of the simplest I have done yet. Due to my 8 hour drive to get to the party location I really wanted as minimal party supplies to bring as possible! I made them each their own banner see pics below. I ordered plates, dino squirters, and party hats that said baby dino, and 1st birthday on them from this great website I tend to get most of my party supplies from Birthday Express, well there and the dollar store. I also got yellow plates and napkins from the dollar store for the emoji theme.

The two main colors I tried to stick to were yellow and teal, all the balloons and streamers everywhere were these two colors.It was great because they actually went together really well. I didn’t get a good picture of the cookies but they were sugar cookies I made with dino foot prints on them… Those were a big hit.


Emoji Party + Baby Dinosaur Party


Emoji Party + Baby Dinosaur Party


Emoji props, emoji birthday party

For the  emoji photo props, which btw were so fun, I used regular construction paper and cut out all the shapes glued them on with a glue stick. I used skewer sticks instead of popsicle sticks the length was way better, I cut off the sharp end, and just taped these to the back. The kids, teens, and adults (as you can see) all really had fun with these!


Emoji Party,  Baby Dinosaur Party, 1st birthday dinosaur cake

I made this giant dinosaur cupcake it was pretty easy. I used a giant cupcake pan, frosted the top portion of the cupcake, and melted some chocolate in a baggie cut the corner off and designed the ‘spikes’ and ‘ 1’ out of chocolate on parchment paper, once they were dried just placed them on the cupcake. This was my sons personal cake. My grandmother made yellow and teal cupcakes for everyone else, and a special cake for my little cousin.


Emoji Birthday banner



20160402_155836 (1)

Baby’s 1st birthday dinosaur banner

Well that is all! Hope everyone enjoyed and maybe got some inspiration incase you are ever faced with a teen / baby birthday party combo!



Father’s Day Gift

PhotoGrid_1465514129239Grill Master Grandpa or Daddy Gift🍔🔥


I was looking through pinterest for DIY father’s day gifts that the kids could help with and saw some super adorable grilling platters. Since all the Dad’s and Grandpa’s in our family love to BBQ this was perfect!

I found the platters at Walmart only $5 each. They are also heat resistant up to 450 degrees. I bought dishwasher safe craft paint in black and orange only $1.50 each.  A sharpie for writing a message.

First step wash plate and dry. Pre-heat oven to 325. I coated the babies hand in paint first (start with your youngest) I had to wash it off and redo it several times! Next child’s hand print.  Do thump prints in black for the charcoal. Let it air dry then added the saying “Grill Master Grandpa” with the sharpie. We also wrote on the back “Father’s Day 2016 love, Mason and Trenton” Bake for 35 min. Then let it completely cool in oven.

That’s all folks! Almost too easy for how dang cute they turned out 🙄


DIY Giant Bubble Serum

Looking for fun in the sun activities?!?!

This Giant Bubble Serum is so easy to make and you most likely have all ingredients in your cupboard. We made this for our Memorial Day party and it was a hit with all kids and parents.

First mix all ingredients together. I used a jug to keep them in and poured a small amount out at a time, this was good because my 1 year old kept dumping the bubbles out… I used a round plastic container at first but then moved them to a shallow dishpan (which worked way better).

Bubble Serum Recipe:

o6 cups water

o1 cup dish soap

o½ cup corn syrup

o½ cup corn starch

o1 tbs. baking powder

I made a couple types of wands. The first was with 2 straws, a large piece of twine, and a nut for weight. Just string the twine through one straw add the nut, string through the second straw, tie the ends together tightly and viola; a bubble wand. The next type of wand was 2 wooden shish kabob sticks ( I cut the sharp tip for safety), 2 long pieces of twine (you could use yarn as well), and a nut. Tie the first piece of twine to the sticks, add the nut to the second piece then tie it to the one going across.

Next prepare for fun! We ended using plastic bubble wands and the homemade wands. The homemade wands worked best to get the giant bubbles!!




Moldable Sand DIY

I’m Always looking for something fun and on the the less messy side for my boys to do. It can be a challenge since they are ages 1 and 5, but this moldable sand was a hit with both of them! It was also super easy to make which I love. I had all the ingredients in my cupboard already.

It can also be kept in a container with lid for play for days to come! The texture was nice it wasn’t sticky or messy. It came right of your hands by simply rubbing then together. It was also fun because the consistency was great for molding into shapes, cutting with cookie cutters, and measuring cups. I am sure there are endless toys you can add to the sand to make it more interesting for your little one. Some ideas plastic bugs or animals, beads, any play dough toys, or cooking utensils.

How to:

  •  5 cups of sand
  • 1 cup corn starch
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup baby oil (add more based on your preference)
  • Moldable sand

Baby friendly play dough


Baby / kid tested, mom approved

play dough!

  • 1 cup corn starch
  • 1 cup baby cereal (or oatmeal)
  • 1/2 cup applesauce
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon jello mix (for color and scent) optional

Combine ingredients, mix well (add more corn starch until no longer sticky),  let the fun begin!

15 min. table makeover

I’ve had this table for about 10yrs and really needed to give it an updated look. So I decided to paint it white.  I thought about chalk paint and giving it a vintage look,  but two things made me change my mind… My decor is much more modern style felt it might look out of place, also looked like a lot of work, haha.
I went with a solid white with semi gloss look and couldn’t be more happy with the result! I  bought a can of furniture spray paint from Home Depot, I chose the one with paint and primer in one, cost $4, (no sanding involved). This was super easy only look about 15 min!!!