Stay at Home Mama Daily Routine

How I stay sane throughout the day…

or at least how I try to!

When I first became a SHM I needed a routine to keep our day on track, it’s so easy to just run around with your head cut off and try to go with the flow… Then before I knew it, I’d think where did my day go? What did we even do? This made our day feel hectic – now that doesn’t mean we don’t still have those chaotic days ( I mean when you’re working with these little humans who are unpredictable – Yes things can be hectic, regardless of my best efforts). But at least I can try to pick up from where we left off in the day and try to get things back on track!

Not only do my kids totally thrive from knowing we have a set routine for the day, but so do I! I’m the type who just really needs a plan, the weekends we definitely can stray from the routine and that can be a great way to  break up the week. Anyways thought I’d share the routine I came up with that works best for our family, I have a 15 mo. old and 5 year old. Let me know what you find works best for your family♥



7 thoughts on “Stay at Home Mama Daily Routine

  1. Wow, you’re a superhero. I’m reading this at 9am lying next to a sleeping baby. And I’m not getting out of this bed until she wakes up. (Any minute now but still. If it were 6am, I might cry.)
    Also, what is working out? 😉

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    • Oh your so sweet, but no I’m not a super hero, if I were still getting up through the night there’d be no way I could do this. Plus my youngest usually has me up at 6am so I don’t really have a choice 😉


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