DIY Giant Bubble Serum

Looking for fun in the sun activities?!?!

This Giant Bubble Serum is so easy to make and you most likely have all ingredients in your cupboard. We made this for our Memorial Day party and it was a hit with all kids and parents.

First mix all ingredients together. I used a jug to keep them in and poured a small amount out at a time, this was good because my 1 year old kept dumping the bubbles out… I used a round plastic container at first but then moved them to a shallow dishpan (which worked way better).

Bubble Serum Recipe:

o6 cups water

o1 cup dish soap

o½ cup corn syrup

o½ cup corn starch

o1 tbs. baking powder

I made a couple types of wands. The first was with 2 straws, a large piece of twine, and a nut for weight. Just string the twine through one straw add the nut, string through the second straw, tie the ends together tightly and viola; a bubble wand. The next type of wand was 2 wooden shish kabob sticks ( I cut the sharp tip for safety), 2 long pieces of twine (you could use yarn as well), and a nut. Tie the first piece of twine to the sticks, add the nut to the second piece then tie it to the one going across.

Next prepare for fun! We ended using plastic bubble wands and the homemade wands. The homemade wands worked best to get the giant bubbles!!





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