DIY Giant Bubble Serum

Looking for fun in the sun activities?!?!

This Giant Bubble Serum is so easy to make and you most likely have all ingredients in your cupboard. We made this for our Memorial Day party and it was a hit with all kids and parents.

First mix all ingredients together. I used a jug to keep them in and poured a small amount out at a time, this was good because my 1 year old kept dumping the bubbles out… I used a round plastic container at first but then moved them to a shallow dishpan (which worked way better).

Bubble Serum Recipe:

o6 cups water

o1 cup dish soap

o½ cup corn syrup

o½ cup corn starch

o1 tbs. baking powder

I made a couple types of wands. The first was with 2 straws, a large piece of twine, and a nut for weight. Just string the twine through one straw add the nut, string through the second straw, tie the ends together tightly and viola; a bubble wand. The next type of wand was 2 wooden shish kabob sticks ( I cut the sharp tip for safety), 2 long pieces of twine (you could use yarn as well), and a nut. Tie the first piece of twine to the sticks, add the nut to the second piece then tie it to the one going across.

Next prepare for fun! We ended using plastic bubble wands and the homemade wands. The homemade wands worked best to get the giant bubbles!!





PB&J protein balls

Need a lil protein pick me up?! This is the perfect snack to give ya that boost of energy in the morning, afternoon,  or for dessert!

It’s super fast and easy to make. Only 5 minutes!! Plus they are delicious so it really kicked my sugar craving as well as giving me energy 🙌

PB&J protein balls recipe:

  • 1 cup oatmeal
  • 1/2 cup craisins
  • 1/3 cup agave nectar
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 1 tbs vanilla

Easy healthy PB&J protein balls 

Moldable Sand DIY

I’m Always looking for something fun and on the the less messy side for my boys to do. It can be a challenge since they are ages 1 and 5, but this moldable sand was a hit with both of them! It was also super easy to make which I love. I had all the ingredients in my cupboard already.

It can also be kept in a container with lid for play for days to come! The texture was nice it wasn’t sticky or messy. It came right of your hands by simply rubbing then together. It was also fun because the consistency was great for molding into shapes, cutting with cookie cutters, and measuring cups. I am sure there are endless toys you can add to the sand to make it more interesting for your little one. Some ideas plastic bugs or animals, beads, any play dough toys, or cooking utensils.

How to:

  •  5 cups of sand
  • 1 cup corn starch
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup baby oil (add more based on your preference)
  • Moldable sand

How to sleep train within 4 nights!

sleep training

Sleep training your little one can be the most difficult, confusing, and frustrating part of  being a new mommy. Well at least it was for me, both my boys sure had a hard time figuring out how to sleep through the night. My first son was 10 months old before I got my first full nights sleep. My second son was 13 months old before sleeping through the night!

I don’t know about you, but I am not one of those people who can get a little amount of sleep and function. I need sleep; uninterrupted sleep, to be a happy functioning human!

So at my second son’s 1 year check up I told his doctor he is still waking a minimum of 2 times a night up to 4 times a night on average to eat (I was still breastfeeding)… I told her this is just not working for me, maybe I should stop breastfeeding?!

I was open to any and all advice at this point! I had read numerous amounts of sleep advice, methods, books. None were right for my son and myself. Nothing seemed to be working. I was getting desperate!


She told me what she recommends has always worked without fail within  4 nights! This is what psychologists and pediatricians have come up with that is the least traumatizing for the baby and parents.I thought this was worth a shot but probably wouldn’t work for us. But it did and it was a miracle!

Here is the method:

Step One: Once he wakes go into his room pick him up comfort him for 1 min. patting his back, saying a mantra such as “its bedtime, time to sleep,  I love you”. Put him back in his bed.

Step Two: Wait 3 min. return if he is still crying.

Repeat step one. Continue to do this until he falls asleep.

For us it took 2 nights. The second night he only woke twice. The third night he woke only at 5 am. It took almost 45 min. to get him back to sleep but for me I counted this as sleeping through the night, since it was the longest he’d slept EVER.  The fourth night he only woke at 5 am and took one time of me going in to get him back to sleep!  Night 5 he slept until 7 am!! Yay, victory!

Good luck out there! If you try this out please comment and let me know how it went! Also if you have any other advice on your best sleep practices I’d love to hear them.

fun fierce mama