Minion Mania Party

Minions, Minions, Minions… My lil Minion wanted a Minion party and that’s exactly what he got 😉

Here’s what we had:

Minion cake, minion cups, minion applesauce, minion shirt DIY station, minion water bottles, minion photo prop, and minion ball toss (all mama made).Minion plates, pinata, napkins, and straws, all pre-made items from Walmart.

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Minion Cake:

I made a regular chocolate cake in rectangular cake pan, cut the corners to make it more rounded, let it cool, frosted on the first layer of frosting with regular white frosting (this is the crumb layer, it helps to make the next layers go on smoothly). Let it dry completely and started decorating.

The next layer was all yellow, then the overalls which I used a frosting tube with nozzle to give it the look I was going for (using the star shaped nozzle). Next I did the eye this was just brownie cut into circular shape (you could use cake just as easily), frosted in white frosting.   Last was all the black elements I used a can of frosting that came with different nozzle sizes (this was so easy to use) with it I made the goggles, buttons, eyeball, and the number 4.

This cake was way easier to make than I had anticipated. The cake was definitely a huge hit! I got the tons of compliments on this cake, way more than any cake I’ve ever bought. Even a 6 year old said it was AMAZING, that’s when you know you did good cause kids always speak the truth:)


Minion t-shirt DIY station:

This was a ton of fun for all the kiddos!  I bought a couple packs of hanes white t-shirts and dyed them yellow (this was way cheaper than buying yellow t-shirts and super easy). I cut pieces of felt for the shapes so that all the kiddos had to do was glue and place the pieces where they wanted them (we used fabric glue), also I gave them black puff paints for the hair and smile. These were so cute and instead of taking home a goody bag of candy they got to take home their own personalized minion t-shirt!


Cups and applesauce:

These were pretty easy. For the applesauce I just hot glued one or two googly eyes in the middle and drew goggles around them with a black sharpie. The cups I just bought plain ol’ yellow paper cups and hot glued one or two googly eyes in the middle and drew goggles around them, hair, and a fun little smile with black sharpie!

Minion photo prop cut out:

I took a giant box, cut a yellow poster board in a minion shape,I then cut a giant hole in the middle (I used a knife, a box cutter would have worked great but I didn’t have one), cut blue poster board for the overalls. Black paper cut out for the hair, smile, and goggles.I glued everything on with my trusty hot glue gun. I made the ball toss the same way.  Oh and of course everything had fours on it since it was my son’s fourth birthday!



Revitalizer Smoothie



Need a mid-day pick me up, or morning boost? Whatever you need this lil smoothie will do the trick, it’s packed with vitamins, and protein to get you going😄


  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 3 small oranges
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 cup non-fat milk
  • 1/2 cup Greek vanilla yogurt
  • Top with granola (optional)