Looking for a fun creative way to make Valentine’s with the kiddos this year? Here’s what we came up with. Love bugs stuffed with candy🍫🍬 We used toilet paper rolls and some paper towel rolls cut in half, painted them white, punched 2 holes in the top for antenas, 6 holes on the bottom for legs,  stick pipe cleaners through all the holes, twist antenas, fill baggies with candy, pull baggies through roll, hot glue googly eyes on the front, lastly decorate we used heart stickers but you could use glitter or markers… This is where the little ones can get creative and personalize their bugs💕🐞

Here’s the easy steps:

  • Paint toilet paper rolls white
  • Punch 2 holes in the top
  • Punch 6 holes in the bottom
  • Stick pipe cleaners through holes
  • Twist “antenes” I used a small screwdriver
  • Fill baggies with candy
  • Stuff baggy through rolls
  • Glue googly eyes on
  • Decorate we used heart stickers but you could use glitter or markers or all

Baby Boy Style

Sharing some outfits of my lil guy. I love dressing my kiddos always way easier and funner than getting myself dressed!

  • 1st outfit is from old navy (my fave baby jeans)
  • 2nd Target outfit, baby moccasins
  • 3rd matching top and bottom

Easy Elf on the shelf Ideas

Here are a couple of things our elf got into this last December…Thought I’d share since it’s always great to get some inspiration, especially when it’s 10:30 pm and you realize you haven’t moved the elf ahhhh! Please share your past elf positions in the comments, I’m always looking for another creative idea 😉


So here’s some ideas:

  • Climbing elf
  • Wrapped up elf
  • Ornament elf
  • Chef elf
  • Campfire elf
  • Hungry elf

Festive Gift Basket

I always love a good gift basket. I just feel they are more fun to get than a gift bag. They are fun to give, you can personalize them and give something that’s part handmade and part store bought.

For these I got plastic green bins from the dollar store, made hot cocoa ( I found mason jars with red lids 2 for $3 at Target) also I found these awesome free printables for the cocoa on pinterest,  made chocolate covered spoons, peppermint sticks, a bag of ghirardelli ( if you buy them in bulk at a ghirardelli store makes them way cheaper), a holiday movie favorite in this basket it was Elf, lastly this basket has a personalized cutting board I ordered off of living social, ohhh and a little Santa pic of the kiddos, since this was for the granparents (frame was from the dollar store).


20151214_161938 (1)