Season of Giving

Here’s how we gave this holiday season…

I was wanting to donate blankets and warm clothes this winter to those in need. It was surprisingly not as easy as I had thought it would be to find the right place. Of course I googled and searched places in our town, but most results were for Goodwill / Salvation Army type places (don’t get me wrong those places do good, I just wanted to give directly to those who were in need).I called a couple homeless shelters to see what types of donations they were in need of. One place said mainly just men’s clothing and weren’t accepting woman’s. Another place just referred me to their resale store location… This was becoming frustrating! But I knew there had to be somewhere that would need them so I kept trying. Finally I found a shelter that said they need all the things I had to donate. They said they were giving out the blankets as soon as they received them with this colder weather. This was exactly what I had been searching for! I texted my friends and neighbors and a few days later we showed up at the shelter with 4 trunks full of donations. We all have kiddos from ages 1-6 they were all so excited to help out each bringing in arms full of blankets, pillows, and bags of clothes. It was a GREAT way to teach them about others who are less fortunate and that they can help. This was such a good experience I intend on making this a new holiday tradition!



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