Haunted Stairway

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Spooky, Fun, Haunted Stairway

I set up this Haunted stairway for my Halloween party, it was a major hit! We had children ages 2 – 7 there so this was a very PG kind of scary. Here’s how I did it and on the cheap…

  • Bloody handprint sheets
    • old white sheets, “vampire blood” (from the dollar store), smear on handprints easy and fun to make
  • Moving ghost
    • white sheet tossed over tall rotating fan, cut out eyes and mouth with black construction paper
  • Spooky eyes
    • toilette paper rolls with eye holes cut out, bend glow stick insert in center
  • Extras:
    • spider webs, black light, spooky caution tape strung across, hanging glow in the dark bats, white balloons with ghost faces, inserted with small glow stick
  • Play eerie music (played YouTube spooky music, free!)
  • Creepy skeleton hand
    • attach plastic skeleton hand to end of broom stick and give the kiddies a poke

Voila… you have a haunted stairway cheap, fun, and easy!!


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